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Rock With Brock: M2 Machines 1956 Ford F-100

Rock With Brock: M2 Machines 1956 Ford F-100

Most classic truck enthusiasts agree: the 1956 Ford F-100 is one of the most recognized and respected pickup trucks from the 1950s. Its aggressive nose, wide body, and even wider wheel wells made it tough-looking back then – and these days, those same features make it one of the most desirable platforms on which to build a pro mod, rat rod or modern day custom. Never one to pass up on an opportunity to trick out a casting, M2 Machines teamed up with Edelbrock and tweaked out their ’56 F-100 with original Edelbrock logos on the doors, and a copy of the newer-version Edelbrock logo on its tailgate. Covered top to bottom in bright red paint, and boasting blacked out windows, the not-so-little terror screams “here I am” from every angle. Look closer at the custom louvered hood, and tilt it up for a peek at the big-block lurking beneath. Chrome bumpers, a flashy grille, and 5 spoke torque thrust-style wheels with classic red line tires add show to the truck’s go.

www. M2Machines.com

Updated: August 20, 2012 — 9:00 AM

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  1. very nice great casting the 56 ford truck really like when the cars have names of different companys and stuff on them . household name that ring a bell for alot of us seems to accent a vehicle in a way that pinstriping or chrome does great job.

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