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Roam, Baby, Roam: Minichamps 1948 Land Rover

Roam, Baby, Roam: Minichamps 1948 Land Rover

These days, Land Rovers are comfy – all frills, fine leather, and modern tech, they coddle occupants with heated cup holders as they bravely venture to Starbucks. But beneath the frou-frou, these trucks have been strong off-road performers since 1948. Those early Rovers were far more basic and bare-knuckled – and Minichamps’ 1:18model of the seminal mudslinger is proof. This thing is a blast, right out of the box; everything attachable – the door tops, the spare tire, and the lift-off metal hood – comes cleverly folded into the styro clamshell and snicks on effortlessly. The olive green paint is flawless, as is the fit and finish; real hinges are on the doors and the fold-flat windshield, and the pinpoint detailing on the dash and wired engine continues beneath to a full-metal frame hosting driveline and (static) suspension detailing. Work the steering – gently – and the idler arm plays along; the tailgate is cast shut, but the grille is photo-etched and the overall effect is spot-on. The only thing this knobby little brawler is missing is a scale pith helmet. Outstanding. – Joe Kelly Jr.

Updated: September 10, 2012 — 9:43 AM

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