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Jada’s All New Lopro Series Rolls Out With Style

Jada’s All New Lopro Series Rolls Out With Style

Jada is well known in the diecast market for delivering well-planned vehicles that represent the young, modern tuning movement: vehicles that scream “I’m here!” with loud paint, bright interiors, chrome accessories… and, of course, plus-sized wheel and tire combos. Jada’s newest line, called “Lopro” (low-profile… get it?) definitely fits right in, and even adds a bit to the menu with one additional feature – extra wheels.  If one set of eye-catching wheels doesn’t pull you in, all the Lopro 1:24 vehicles come packaged with a second set of wheels and tires, and the  necessary tools and hardware to make the swap. They’eve even included a very cool wheel rack – a neat piece that might  make a great accessory in a diorama.

The all new Lopro series is available in either 1:24 or 1:64, and can be found at Walmart and Hobby shops worldwide.



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  1. The LOPRO Series resembles the old DUB City models….

  2. i’m not going to lie……i’ve been addicted to cars since hotwheels.i bought my first car when my girlfriend drug me to wal-mart,the first car i bought was the burnt orange merc sled……ever since then i”ve been addicted to jada…all i buy is 1/24 scale….it’s just good that my girlfriend helps me with my addiction of jada cars…….i just need to get the last few of the lo-pros and i ‘ll have them all.

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