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GreenLight Shares All: DCX Exclusive Look At GreenLight’s 1st Quarter 2012 Lineup

GreenLight Shares All: DCX Exclusive Look At GreenLight’s 1st Quarter 2012 Lineup

Are you a GreenLight fan? If so, you’d better bookmark this page. GreenLight has given DCX an exclusive preview of what’s to come for the first quarter of 2012. While we could go on about great choices, slick ideas, and an ever-better looking lineup, we’ll just let the pictures do all the talking here……..

Country Roads Series 7

Hot Pursuit Series 9

Motor World Series 7

GL Muscle Series 4

Road Racers Series 2


GreenLight will also be distributing 1:18 scale items for the first quarter of 2012:

International Distribution only:

Dukes of Hazzard – 1969 Dodge Charger

US and International Distribution:

Bullitt – 1968 Dodge Charger R/T


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  1. Um, the Bullitt Charger is a ’68, NOT a ’69 and it ran LOTS of HUBCAPS not Magnum 500’s. This does not bode well…

  2. I agree with David, no Magnums! Plus the tires’ white stripe should be way thinner and definitely not that close to the rim. Plus there were no bumper brackets in the movie. And it’s BuLLitt, not Bulitt 😉

  3. Is Greenlight making a dukes of hazzard 1/18 charger too?

    1. Yes they will be, but to our understanidng it will be only an international offering and not sold in the US

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