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Diecast Reproductions’ 1:24 “Junker” Corvette: One Man’s Trash…

Diecast Reproductions’ 1:24 “Junker” Corvette: One Man’s Trash…

Done to a truly putrid turn by the master of scale mayhem, Manny Solano, Diecast Reproductions’ thoroughly crapped-over 1982 Corvette coupe is a forlorn, fermented piece of the barn find variety.

To be sure, this kind of simulated decay doesn’t come easy. Though the car is bereft of a single glossy surface, Solano’s artistry shines here; the once-pristine Franklin Mint Stingray boasts a rusted frame and holed mufflers; the seats are split and leaking foam, and sand is piled in the foot wells. The engine’s been hit with the ugly stick, too, as have the well-scuffed and mangled tires. Even cooler, no two models will be exactly alike, due to the hand-applied menu of techniques Manny uses.

Manny’s a master – and this is righteous rot.



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