Hot Wheels Elite Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

Jan 09, 2015 No Comments by

An 88mph Blast into the Silver Screen Past  1:50 & 1:18 | $20 & $160  Speaking of movie cars … has a film franchise ever done more to renovate a car’s reputation than the Back to the Future trilogy did for the DeLorean DMC-12? In a flash of time-traveling lightning the DeLorean went from a [...]

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Hot Wheels Elite One “Flintmobile”

Jun 16, 2014 No Comments by

Back in the mid-’fifties, The Honeymooners ruled the TV airwaves in glorious black and white. Folks loved the working-class characters, the everyday trials and tribulations of the Kramden and Norton families, and how things always worked out by the time the credits rolled. In the early 1960s, animation giant Hanna-Barbera took the Honeymooners formula and [...]

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Hot Wheels Elite One Dark Knight Rises “Bat”

Jun 10, 2014 No Comments by

  The latest film in the Batman Dark Knight trilogy was pretty dark, indeed. There were forced blood transfusions, fellows getting thrown from airplanes, and all kinds of horrific attacks on Gotham — all done at the behest of a villain who spoke through what appeared to be a re-purposed drive-in movie speaker. When he [...]

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Minichamps “Mullin” 1939 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante

Jun 03, 2014 No Comments by

Some cars are so beautiful that they can cause folks to drop on one knee and bow. There are a few such machines parked within the Peter Mullin collection in Oxnard, California, and we’d wager that there are knee marks a-plenty surrounding this particular piece — a 1939 Bugatti Type 57C “Atalante” chassis number 57801, [...]

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Thank you Stephen Siller : TWH / Diecast Models Seagrave Tractor

Apr 17, 2012 No Comments by

Stephen Siller was one of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001. Upon receiving the call from his fire department Siller immediately threw on nearly 70 pounds of gear and ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the World Trade Center to help in the rescue efforts.  With no second though [...]

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From “The Vault”: Sword/TWH’s Classic Tuff Trucks Revisited

Mar 21, 2012 No Comments by

To the uninitiated, the scale of one to fifty might sound like a level of reduction that could make detail and features hard to see and appreciate. Nope. To those truck and equipment collectors who know and love the scale – and boy, do they ever – well done 1:50 models offer a perfect balance [...]

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TWH 1:50 Pierce Velocity 75′ HAL “Frisco Fire Department”: The High Life

Sep 05, 2011 2 Comments

The city of Frisco, Texas straddles Collin and Denton counties, parked somewhere in the upper right shoulder of the Lone Star State, a few boot steps and a hip sway away from the winding Texas border with Oklahoma. It’s a good place to be. Frisco (which got its name from being a pivotal stop on [...]

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TWH 1:50 Seagrave Tractor-Drawn Aerial: Aerial Act

Jul 23, 2011 No Comments

Fire apparatus collectors are a serious bunch, especially when it comes to authenticity. That’s a no brainer; this is a crowd that depends heavily on things being right where they should be, in their day to day lives. The good news for smoke eaters is that TWH hasn’t missed a trick on its Seagrave Tractor-drawn [...]

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Jun 29, 2011 No Comments

It didn’t take a great deal of time to come a long way. Technology has moved the quality of life forward in big ways. A few issues ago we presented a 1960s-era fire engine from National Motor Museum Mint. Setting the “Wayback Machine” to prewar, here’s what that same firehouse would have fought blazes with in 1941—the GMC [...]

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TWH Manito 31000 Crane

Jun 29, 2011 No Comments

Some things are larger than life. That’s the only way to describe TWH’s new 1:50-scale Manitowoc 31000, the largest-capacity crawler crane ever designed and built by Manitowoc. The model replicates the innovative design and details of the crane, including the Variable Position Counterweight. Even at scale, the size of the model is the largest ever offered. When fully assembled, the [...]

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