Minichamps “Mullin Collection” Delahaye Type 145 Chapron Coupe

Aug 30, 2014 No Comments

Delahaye built four cycle-fendered, V12-powered Types 145 for the French Ecurie Bleu racing team in 1937, and coachbuilder Henri Chapron bought two to re-body as fast Grand Tourers in 1939. However, with a World War, declining economy, and a non-paying buyer, this one, chassis 48773, wasn’t completed until 1951. Chapron had obviously seen a Bugatti [...]

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Forward-looking Plymouth

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BROOKLIN 1955 Belvedere Convertible 1:43 | $120 Virgil Exner’s 1955 “Forward Look” styling transformed Plymouth from exceptionally dumpy looking cars to long, sleek, low machines. These cars looked even sleeker when done as con- vertibles and lower when their convertible tops were down. Brooklin usually models meat and potatoes sedans, but this time they’ve done [...]

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Number One Pontiac

Aug 29, 2014 No Comments

BROOKLIN 1937 Deluxe Six Touring Sedan 1:43 | $120 Although the all-new 1937 Pontiacs used the same B-Body as their GM stable mates, for the Deluxe Six it had to be shortened in front of the cowl to fit the 117-inch wheelbase. Brooklin’s “Buick Collection” success has led to a similar “Pontiac Collection.” This 1937 [...]

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IXO 1951 Bugatti Type 101 Gangloff Coupe

Aug 28, 2014 No Comments

  When Ettore Bugatti passed away in 1947, the creative spirit and driving force of the company died with him. When the long-rumored “new Bugatti” appeared at the 1951 Paris Show, the “Type 101” turned out to be a mildly revised Type 57 chassis with rather uninspired Gangloff bodywork. It even carried a T.57 serial [...]

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Brooklin 1954 Mercury Monterey Wagon

Aug 26, 2014 No Comments

Although 1954 was the final year for Mercury’s stretched 1952-54 Ford-based body styling, the whole line got a face-lift (and tail-lift) that resulted in a look that was more Lincoln than Ford. Add the new McPherson strut front suspension and the new 292 “Y-Block” OHV engine, and the ’54 Merc became a slightly down-sized version [...]

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Imperial Force

Aug 25, 2014 No Comments

American Excellence 1975 Imperial 4-Door 1:43 scale | $95 1975 was the final year for Imperial as a separate line of full-size luxury cars; when the name was re-intro- duced in 1981 it was on a smaller Chrysler Cordoba-based car. Then, when the name was re-introduced in 1981, it was on a smaller Chrysler Cordoba- based [...]

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Brooklin 1954 4-Door Station Wagon

Aug 24, 2014 No Comments

  1954 saw Buick, like most of the industry, switch to all-steel bodies for their station wagons, while the entire line got wrap-around “Panoramic” windshields and new front fenders. The entry-level Special was built on a new 122-inch wheelbase, too. Give Brooklin’s research team very high marks on this model; the boxy body’s shape is [...]

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Prime Pony

Aug 23, 2014 No Comments

PremiumX 1965 Mustang Coupe 1:43 | $35 This beautiful 1965 Mustang coupe replicates the original 1:43 scale drawing from Ford’s circa-’65 Mustang sales brochure almost to perfection, while its ultra-thin, photo-etched badges and window moldings are better than the printed trim on Ford’s own 100th anniversary model. Every detail is there, and to scale; while the [...]

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Automodello embarks on a Noble venture

Aug 18, 2014 No Comments

Here’s some exciting news for fans of high-performance exotics. Automodello just announced an exclusive agreement with Noble Automotive to produce multiple models in multiple scales. Among the models being developed are the Noble M12, Noble M400 and, to kick things off, the Noble M600. The Noble M600 will be released in 1:43 scale in Demonstrator [...]

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Poor Man’s Cobra

Aug 15, 2014 No Comments

 Lansdowne  1966 Sunbeam Tiger 1:43 | $125  Often described as the poor man’s Cobra, the Ford V8 – powered Sunbeam Tiger had a more modern suspension, unit-body construction, and wind-up windows than comparable vehicles of its time. That made it much more suitable for midwest American climates. Lansdowne has modeled the lines, look, and almost [...]

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