Brooklin 1934 Miller-LaSalle Hearse

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For 1934, custom body manufacturer Miller introduced an “Art-Carved” Funeral Coach with a curved arch and supporting columns extending the full length of the body. The ornate “carving” was stamped metal, patterned to look like drapery panels. The body was offered on several chassis, but none was more unusual than this one, on a stretched [...]

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Premuim X 1964 Ford Country Squire

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As American families moved to the sprawl of the suburbs, a demand was created for a vehicle that could haul a sheet of plywood, carry the family, friends, or most of a Little League team when required, and look good while doing all of the above. The answer was the station wagon, and Ford fielded [...]

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Brooklin 1955 Chrysler Windsor Convertible

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The all-new 1955 Chrysler lineup featured Virgil Exner’s “100 Million Dollar Look,” with design cues taken from the Parade Phaeton showcar. The longer, lower look was especially effective on convertibles, and the plated windshield frame and upper doorsills on Brooklin’s very accurate new Windsor Convertible (BRK-183) really enhance that look. Chrysler’s entry-level Windsor base engine [...]

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NEO 1961 Ghia 6.4

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An American company, Dual Motors, built 117 Ghia-bodied GT cars based on the Chrysler Firearrow design from 1956 through 1958. But when Ghia designed a new, sleeker body, then dropped in the Chrysler 383 (6.4 liter) V-8 in 1960, the result was badged as the Ghia 6.4L. Dual Motors was the importer. Frank Sinatra bought [...]

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TSM Model 2012 McLaren P1

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TSM’s McLaren P1 is covered by the deepest, most fiery metallic finish we’ve ever seen on a 1:43 model… and as if that wasn’t enough, the stuff smells great. No, really: this is the scent of top-quality paint, and it took us right back to our building days. If you were lucky enough to be [...]

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Fujimi “Ultimat Vodka” Ferrari 458

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In a world of “Absoluts,” it’s refreshing to know that there’s an alternative for those who imbibe the clearer spirits. Ultimat vodka (what is it with these guys and a final “e”?) ran this chrome and blue Extreme Motor Sports 458 Italia at the Petit Le Mans in Atlanta in October 2012, and won in [...]

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Hot Wheels Elite “Dirty” A-Team Van

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TV fans are hardcore when it comes to collecting images from a favorite show. Viewers of a certain age will remember the misfit semi-criminal do-gooders in the A-Team series back in the 80s. The show featured an a-list of TV actors, including Mr. T as B.A. Baracus, who drove the team from job to job [...]

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Automodello 1938 Packard Twelves

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Automodello makes impeccable models of well chosen subjects — like this pair of Packard Victorias. In 1938, Packard only made a handful of the gargantuan Model 1608 drop-tops, powered by a 473 CID / 175 horsepower V12 engine so refined that a nickel could be balanced on the motor’s intake while it was running. “Convertible [...]

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Beautiful Bug

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SPARK 1939 Bugatti Galibier 1:43 | $67 The 4-door Galibier (ga-lib-YAY) sedan, named for a French mountain range, was the most prosaic of the five Jean Bugatti-designed bodies fitted to the Type 57 chassis, so there are very few Galibier models available – and absolutely none to match this superb new resincast model from Spark. [...]

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Princely Packard

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BROOKLIN 1954 Patrician sedan 1:43 | $119.95 As Packard approached its disastrous merger with Studebaker in 1954, there was no moneyfor new bodies, so the “senior” models got only new side trim and hooded chrome headlightbezels. Brooklin has departed from their norm by releasing this fine model of the topline 1954Packard Patrician, albeit in its [...]

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