Kyosho 1:12 Ferrari: Mondo Enzo

Jun 29, 2011 No Comments by

At over a million dollars US, per copy – pre-owned – any of the 400 Ferrari Enzos built to celebrate the life of company founder Enzo Ferrari are rare sights. Some are actually famous in their own right. For example, the very first Enzo, which was detoured from its debut at the 2002 Paris Motor [...]

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Minichamps 1:12 Maserati Type 61 Birdcage “Shelby”

Jun 28, 2011 2 Comments by

The ghosts of Moreno Valley are a restless crew. Wearing spectral race suits and coveralls, they wander and glide amid the shopping malls and rows of houses where once a great road course track lay, chuckling at the minivans and SUVs, and nodding together in silent accord when a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Jaguar passes [...]

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