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Master Caster: New Line Celebrates Classic Car Design

Apr 18, 2013 No Comments by

Back when car design was a hands-on process, in the good old days before CGI and hyper-real “in the tube” rendering,  car stylists were faced with a reality: what looked good on the drawing board didn’t always look so great in the light of day, or in any particular color. So, most car makers had [...]

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SNEAK PEEK! Finishing Touches Going Into New Air Studio For “Cup Of Joe”

Dec 07, 2012 No Comments by

What a week! Hot on the heels of finishing up the editorial and design of the next issue of DCX, we’re putting the final touches on the new air studio for Die Cast X TV’s latest show, “Cup of Joe”. The show is a follow-up to the Tuesday night “Die Cast X TV LIVE”, and will [...]

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Meet the Professor

Jun 20, 2012 No Comments by

Come meet The Professor in his classroom at Designs In Motion, in Chesterfield, MO. Well, okay … Greg White, owner of the shop, isn’t really a prof. But he is a diecast aficionado and collector par excellence who could easily teach a university-level class on automotive and racing history. Greg works hard on a daily [...]

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Round 2

May 11, 2012 No Comments by

South Bend, IN has been crazy about wheels of all sizes for a long time. The Studebaker Corporation called the city home in 1852, when blacksmiths Clement and Henry Studebaker, Jr. began making metal parts for freight wagons, then started manufacturing surreys and Conestogas. In 1902, Studebaker began building cars. John Teel and Frederick Badet [...]

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Sunrich Toys and Hobby

May 11, 2012 No Comments by

Thirty-five miles due east of downtown Los Angeles lies the once-sleepy farming community of Chino, CA. If you’re a Grateful Dead fan, you’ll know it as the locale mentioned in their song “Friend of the Devil.” If you’re allergic to tie-dye, perhaps you’ll recognize the town (which had nothing at all to do with chino [...]

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