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Kyosho 1:18 Cadillac CTS-V: Bad Caddy

Jul 28, 2011 2 Comments

Cadillac’s CTS is a solid performer in base, V6 trim; add in the V series’ supercharged 556-horsepower 6.2 liter V8 and all of its other hyper-performance bells and whistles, and you have a world-class American four-slammer with a “fastest production V8 sedan”  tag line. This model of the vaunted V comes via Kyosho, and it [...]

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GMP 1:18 “Satin ’32″: Good Call

Jul 24, 2011 2 Comments

A mold set that yields, say, ten models is considered a good call in the diecast industry. But one that yields over 20? That takes the meaning of the phrase “good call” to an almost  mythic level. Just such a model is GMP’s 1932 Ford, a bit of tooling that’s delivered a veritable fleet of [...]

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Danbury Mint 1:24 1964 Thunderbird: Fly Ford

Jul 24, 2011 4 Comments

In 1964, the Ford Thunderbird was a powerful personal luxury car, with standard engine displacement that started at 390 cubes. Depending on the carburetor and intake, the Ford FE “Y-Block” motor made either 300 or 330 horsepower – more than up to the task of hauling the freshly redesigned ‘bird with surprising alacrity. For serious [...]

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TWH 1:50 Seagrave Tractor-Drawn Aerial: Aerial Act

Jul 23, 2011 No Comments

Fire apparatus collectors are a serious bunch, especially when it comes to authenticity. That’s a no brainer; this is a crowd that depends heavily on things being right where they should be, in their day to day lives. The good news for smoke eaters is that TWH hasn’t missed a trick on its Seagrave Tractor-drawn [...]

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PhillyMint 1:24 1970 Hemi Challenger R/T: Basic, Black, and Badass

Jul 22, 2011 No Comments

One of the constants in the hobby these days is change, and we really can’t find fault in that – especially when the shifting tides bring along models like these PhillyMint 1970 Dodge Hemi Challengers. These are contract pieces – built by Diecast Promotions to specs sent along by PhillyMint – and they’re helping to [...]

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Minichamps 1:18 Fiat 500: Ciao, Baby

Jul 21, 2011 No Comments

Here’s an Italian lesson for you: Bring your jaw forward a bit, and say “cheen-quay-CHEN-toh”. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Add in a little hand language – a slow, loose-fingered rolling of the right hand in a circular motion, at around shoulder height, should do – and you might pass for a native. Show up to [...]

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Minichamps 1:18 1983 VW Beetle: Humble is Good

Jul 21, 2011 1 Comment

Humble origins can make for noble ends, and few cars have ever enjoyed the loyalty and fervor bestowed on the Volkswagen Beetle. In return, it provided solid, thrifty transportation for millions of Volks folks worldwide for the better part of a sixty-five year production run. I really like this model of the VW, as done [...]

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Premium Classixx 1:12 “Classic” Mini: To Sirs, With Love

Jul 21, 2011 No Comments

“Lulu” and “Mini”. If ever two words belonged together in the same sentence, these two do. But not in the way you might think: though the iconic ’60s singer did much to further the ideal of short skirts (and for that, we love her dearly), it’s the other Mini – the miniscule British car – [...]

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Stylish Cars 1:43 Duesenberg JN Convertible: Silver (plated) Spoon

Jul 09, 2011 No Comments

1:43 is nothing if not diverse. If you’re an old hand at the scale, that’s not news. But if you’re a newbie, let it be said that there’s a model and a maker out there ready to serve you, whether you’re toting a twenty dollar bill or a trust fund account in your back pocket. [...]

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Minichamps 1:43 Porsche 918 Spyder: Electric Slide

Jul 08, 2011 No Comments

Any time you start to feel that the diecast hobby is getting out of hand – what with premium-priced limited editions, special runs, and all that good stuff – take solace in the fact that it doesn’t get any better in the real car world, especially if you’re skating in the supercar arena. Witness the [...]

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