Round 2 / AMT Tire Set

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As if a set of Goodyear “Blue Streaks” weren’t nostalgic enough, AMT’s set of eight “Dragway Special” drag slicks comes in a package that looks pretty much like a hobby store foundling — which means that it’s cool as heck, and just the kind of thing that Round 2 embraces so well. The hollow vinyl pieces (scaled to 9.00” x 15”) are classic kit-bashing stuff, neatly and authentically pad-printed, and ready to slip onto an old-style rail or a road race machine — after a little softening soak in a glass of warm water, of course. Though the contents are great, we just can’t get enough of that box art. Any product that claims to be “From The Kats at Kit City” is always worth a look around here. Glue heads, rejoice; more nostalgia accessory sets are available, including Firestone Deluxe Champions, M&H slicks, Goodyear Polyglas GTs, and even a set of metal injector stacks. Tire up. — Joe Kelly, Jr.

1:25  | $9.99

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