Auto World “Foster’s King Cobra” Funny Car

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The Legends of the Quarter Mile from Auto World just keep a-comin’, and that’s not a bad thing. AW’s model of Sid and Gerald Foster’s  1972 Mustang flopper is the latest take on the line’s FoMoCo funny car mold set, and it’s one of the flashiest in an array of anything-but-subtle models, thanks to a great casting and phenomenal paint and graphics. The highlight of those markings is the brightly foiled lettering at the car’s sides – not an easy, or inexpensive process – and the rest of the car’s plastic (possibly a light resin) body is glass smooth. Lift it, or take it off completely, and the Logghe chassis and Chrysler Hemi are in full bloom; once again, Auto World’s well dialed-in formula for replicating the running gear of the cars is on display, with a mix of vinyl, plastic, and steel cables, wires, and pipes; from the top of the injector scoop to the ground-scraping zoomies, there’s a great palette of  textures and colors, not to mention crisp, believable castings and liberal chrome. The seat wears a fabric and photo-etched harness, and the chassis rolls — really well — on scuffed slicks and treaded front tires. The car’s top numbers of 223 miles per hour, in a 6.61 second blast, recorded in 1972, made it a top-ranked machine. Auto World’s dedication to this lineup, and to building in a ton of bang for the buck, make the model one well worth having.  – Joe Kelly, Jr.

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