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Many experts consider the Alfa-Romeo TZ2 one of the finest GT racers ever built, second only to its bigger cousin, the Ferrari 250 GTO. The lightweight little car had a 1570 cc four-cylinder DOHC twin-plug engine (modified for racing, or course), and it’s a rare ride, too: only 10 or 12 of the fiberglass-bodied racers were built for Alfa Romeo by Carlo Chiti’s Autodelta. Raced in Europe, TZ2’s had wins at the 1967 Nurburgring 1000 km and the Reims1000 km, and they can sell at auction for seven figures. AUTOart’s 1:18scale replica is a pretty little piece that goes note-for note with the 1:1. The shape and stance are spot-on; our favorite exterior detail is the articulated wiper arm. Going deep is easy, because the nose hinges up from the front, allowing access to the nicely-detailed engine. Wiring is at a minimum (as it should be, for a car of this vintage), as is the equally minimalist and authentic interior. This is a beautifully executed model of a classic, though mostly forgotten, Italian car. Pay it some attention – it’s very, very good.  – Bill Bennett



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  1. Maurice Doll says:

    Right you are Andy. It’s been a feast recently for 60s Alfa lovers with AA releasing the TZ, TZ2 and now the T33 Stradale – wow! Now bring on the T33 Periscopica and the later Le mans racing variants!

  2. BoB Geco says:


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