NEW VIDEO: DCX Interviews Carson Lev

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Chances are good that if you have anything related to Hot Wheels in your collection – be it a model, or, more specifically, any of the other, non-wheeled goodies that wear that brand – you’re holding a piece of Carson Lev’s brainchild: the marketing and merchandising of one of the most successful brands in the world. These days, Carson – who cut his teeth back in Ed Roth’s shop, back when he was a kid –  is in cahoots with Chip Foose, helping to keep the designer’s substantial talents in the forefront of modern car culture. In between, he’s been a designer, artist, patent holder, engineer – and even carried the Olympic flame, once. No, really. We’ve seen it.

That’s why we listen when the man talks. We got a chance to spend a good chunk of time at the Die Cast X Collector’s Expo with Carson, and he gave us an insightful interview about Foose, the return of Overhaulin’, his life in the car hobby - and just how much life is still left in it.



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