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Automodello’s 1970’s 2500M

1:43  $95.00 for red or yellow, $235.00 for black.


TVR was never a household name in this country, but the thoroughly British two-seater was a fixture in the sports car scene from the late ‘50’s well into the ‘90’s. Automodello has followed their fine Griffith 200 (a TVR Grantura with a Ford 289) with this excellent 1:43 resin-cast model of the 1972-’79 2500M, which had a Triumph 2.5 liter six engine. The crisply detailed resin body is flawless, as is the red or yellow paint (or black, if you decide on one of the 17 “homage” models Automodello will make available). Automodello has absolutely nailed the stubby shape and all the details. The delicate photo-etched side vents and wipers are nice, but most impressive are the front and rear window surrounds, done with thin bright chrome inside of black “rubber”. They fit perfectly, too, despite the curvature. Also impressive is the fabric sunroof’s just-right texture and sheen, and the fabric “sag” between the bows. Upholstery patterns match correctly, door panels have pulls and cranks, and the accurate dash has a full set of detailed instruments. There are a couple of nits: the steering wheel sits improperly, and the handbrake lever is missing. Other than that, this is a very impressive model.  - Wayne Moyer

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