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Tell us what fuels your passion! Is it the hunt?  The purchase?  Or the display?

Share your collection and your passion with thousands of other collectors just like you. Die Cast X magazine is looking for collectors who want to show the world what fuels them. Click below to answer the profile questionnaire, and attach a few pictures of your collection. It’s easy. And who knows … you might be featured in a future issue of Die Cast X magazine.

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5 Responses to “Share Your Collection with Die Cast X”

  1. Laszlo de Simon says:

    I filled out the “Share Your Collection” but not sure if it went, can you send me a confirmation?

  2. Bret says:

    I filled out the share your collection but not sure if it went through

  3. Frederick Weichmann says:

    I just filled out the ” Share Your Collection With Die Cast X ” I was wondering if you received it and if there was any problems on the pictures that i sent? (If they were to small, to Big). I can do again! Thank You Very Much, Fred W.

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