DCX Expo Custom Event Car Photo History

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I’ve been thinking about what my first blog should be about and I’ve come up with the perfect subject  In the next few weeks I will gradually be posting all the photos I have of the DCX Expo custom event cars. Since 2005 we have had alot of awesome customizers produce custom painted cars for DCX Expo. Each photo will have the customizer’s name. If you would like to know more about any paticular piece just post your questions and I’ll answer them ASAP.  











































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I'm Greg " Goyo " Roque the owner of www.diehard-diecast.com. I gained my appreciation of "all things cars" by visiting countless car shows with my father from the time I was eight years old. As a teen, I built plastic models and assisted in building my first 1:1 scale car; a '62 Chevy Biscayne. Later in life, I fed my auto interests by building other full scale cars such as a '55 Ford F-100, a '64 Cadillac convertible and a '59 Ford F-100. As adulthood limits the fun for most of us; I had to put myself on a strict diet of only one full-scale car at a time. To supplement my cravings I built up a collection of die cast cars. It was my genuine love and appreciation of the automobile, and the scaled down versions of my favorite cars which led me to become a diecast retail vendor. Being a true auto enthusiast and living in L.A. I’ve spent many long weekends at the Petersen Automotive Museum. These visits to the Petersen and its Hot Wheels Hall of Fame exhibit led me to a long lasting diecast partnership with the museum. I was fortunate enough to help the museum with choosing some of the castings for their past Hot Wheels limited editions. The limited run of "Petersen Rocket Oils, were graced with my concept of a hot flame design. I also designed the cool white flames scheme on the 2009 Liberty Promotions Holiday Wagon Drag Bus. The world of die cast customizing is growing quickly and I intend on making every effort possible to promote this part of our hobby to auto enthusiasts worldwide.
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