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Auto World/Lindberg Line 1957 Chevy model kit

Auto World/Lindberg Line 1957 Chevy model kit

As stuck on ready-to-display automotive collectibles as we are, it’s hard not to enjoy the rattle of a box full of parts just waiting to become a finished model car – especially when the name on the box is as memory-inducing as this “Lindberg Line” kit of a 1957 Chevrolet Ragtop. Auto World sure knows how to pick ’em, and the small-scale Chevy is old school, all the way — a full-plastic kit that comes in basic white styrene (even the tires are plastic “halfies”), with a top-and-sides body construction hearkening back to the early days of glue kits. There’s a bit of flash on the pieces — nothing too bad — and the sprue attachment points, especially those at the car’s nose, will take some careful cutting away, but from what we see, this one should build up into a decent display for experienced glueheads who know their way around a good set of X-actos and finishing files. Thanks to a clear windshield and headlights, a less-than-30-piece build – and a lack of any chromed pieces, kind of a bummer for a ‘fifties legend like this – we’d recommend taking this one on as a parent-and-kid, kitchen table project – or the foundation for a wicked-looking slot car body, or well-weathered, track-side scale decoration. Spread out those newspapers, crank up your imagination, and break out the rattle cans. There’s fun in this box. – Joe Kelly, Jr.

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Updated: June 3, 2014 — 12:42 PM

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