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ACME Recreates One Of The Most Famous Advertising Campaigns In Automotive History

ACME Recreates One Of The Most Famous Advertising Campaigns In Automotive History

In 1972 Oldsmobile teamed up with Hurst Performance Products to build a modified Cutlass. They called it the “Hurst/Olds” – and collectors are crazy about them. In 1972, a convertible example was used as the pace car – the first time in speedway history that an automotive parts manufacturer’s name was included in the pace car title. It was a bold step – and so was the manufacture of this figure of Hurst’s “Miss Golden Shifter”, Linda Vaughan, perched atop a scale model of the trunk-mounted platform she rode at Indy, and at other pre-race promotional events.  We’ve got a sample on its way – stand by for a full review in the coming days!


Updated: June 23, 2012 — 12:50 PM

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  1. Great magazine, there wasn’t anything like this when I was a kid. The magazine is a pleasure to read and I cannot put it down. What I would like to ask is, what about Johnny Lightning? Are they staying in business or are they going to go the toy route? What’s the story with them? A company that big should be pumping out the new molds every day. Why don’t I ever see an issue on them in your magazine? They should be wanting all the publicity that they can get. Thanks for reading – Scott

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