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Darrin’s Darling: GreenLight’s 1:24 “Bewitched” Camaro RS

Darrin’s Darling: GreenLight’s 1:24 “Bewitched” Camaro RS

When Darrin Stephens married Samantha on the classic TV show Bewitched (1964-1972), he had no idea she would turn out to be a witch – let alone drive such a classic, now historic, convertible. It was a good case of product placement on Chevys’ part; millions of viewers got to see Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) looking her blonde, bewitching best rolling around town in a brand new 1969 Camaro RS Convertible. Ms. Montgomery is no longer with us, but that car still turns heads today.

GreenLight’s 1:24 model features opening doors and hood, a detailed interior with woodtone paneling on the console and dash, and the stock Turbo-Jet 350 engine, as well as all the correct visual details – including the correct license plate – to replicate the car used in the show. Now, that’s what we call magic.



Updated: April 21, 2012 — 9:13 AM

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