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Spark 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible

Spark 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible

Although it was a sales disaster at the time, the Edsel has become more popular over the years, and none more so than the top-of-the-line Citation convertible. Spark’s new resincast of the distinctively styled car is simply one of the best 1:43-scale models to come along for a while. Its excellent “Spring Green” paint matches chips perfectly, and every bit of trim, outside and inside, is reproduced with great scale fidelity using a combination of plated, photo-etched, and hot-printed bright chrome. Yes, the “E-D-S-E-L” letters on the rear fenders are barely visible, but they’re perfectly spaced and aligned.  Lenses are separate, fluted pieces; check out the extremely thin chrome trim on the taillights. The horse-collar grille and hood vents have a black wash and the thin, clear glass fits flush in the frame.  And then there’s the interior – authentic two-tone upholstery has thin white piping on the seats and chromed color separation lines on the door panels; of course the handles and cranks are plated, while ash trays are printed silver. There’s a full set of correctly detailed gauges, photo-etched pedals, and a delicate steering wheel replete with a “Tele-Touch” shift hub. The workmanship is flawless – and dimensions are precisely on scale.  – Wayne Moyer

1:43 | $73.99

Updated: May 2, 2014 — 5:20 PM

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