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1201 From Motorhead Miniatures – Diorama Accessories

1201 From Motorhead Miniatures – Diorama Accessories

Want to add some flair to your display? Check out the great diorama products from Motorhead Miniatures. The company’s been at it for a while now, and their lineup is pretty far-reaching, ranging from kicking little shop tools to a series called, simply and tellingly enough, the “Wash Down Girls”. The tools are cast in styrene, metal, and vinyl, and are authentically decorated. The figures are cast in hi-resolution resin, and all of the accessories are sold in multiple scales under the “1201”  brand name.

Two new scenes will join the lineup this month:

“Out of Gas” / 18th Scale Shown

The intrepid travelers have run dry on the road to the music and art festival. Lorraine is hitching a ride while Cody cops a squat. Knapsack with sleeping bag roll included (dude).

“Like Father, Like Son” / 18th Scale Shown

Passing the passion for cars to a new generation of Motorheads. Austin is helping his dad, Adam, with a DIY oil change. Open tool carrier and oil catch pan included.

To order these, and other great scenes, visit www.motorheadminiatures.com

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